com.pound noun/ ˈk.mˌpound/ 1. a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements , a mixture. 

COMPOUND is a leading-edge, global lifestyle brand rooted in creativity and blacktop streetball culture. The brand produces high quality, limited edition products and original artworks for a fashion-forward, purpose-driven global community, centered around a shared passion for creativity, the game, and the unique, immersive sub-culture that has emerged as a result of these worlds coming together. 

Since creating the first culture-shifting, game-changing AND1 Mixtape back in the early 90s. COMPOUND’s founder and Creative Director, DJ Set Free Richardson, has drawn inspiration from the worlds of art, music, fashion, pop culture, and the global community surrounding sports. 

Set Free’s creative vision and inherent entrepreneurial intuition has fueled every COMPOUND creation, collaboration, and product, resulting in a truly authentic, mission-driven brand, with a loyal community that aligns with, and is inspired by the sense of self-empowerment, creative freedom, self-expression, and optimistic spirituality the brand stands for.