Midnight '7' Fitted - Gray Visor


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Introducing Compound's Signature Fitted Hat in Collaboration with New Era:


  • Design: Embroidered Black 7 at the front panels
  • Brand Detail: Black Compound wordmark at the right-wear side
  • Logo: Black New Era logo at the left-wear
  • Detail: Gray under-visor for added style
  • Material: Made of 100% wool woven

Shipping Information:

  • Shipping Time: Please allow 5-7 days for shipping.
  • Possible Delays: Expect possible delays due to carrier service influx during the holiday season.

Return Policy:

  • Refunds/Exchanges: No refunds or exchanges on ANY ORDERS!
  • All Sales Are Final: No refunds or returns due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Charitable Contribution:

  • Supporting Causes: 10% of ALL SALES contribute towards various churches, charities, and organizations.

Symbolism of '7':

  • Spiritual Essence: The numerical integration is symbolic of the first and greatest creator of all art: God.
  • Deeper Meaning: The number 7 represents spirituality, intuition, exploration, free thinking, and creativity.

Set Free began wearing this signature hat in 2015, and over the years, it has become more than an accessory. It's a symbol of spirituality and creativity. The 7 hat, in its various colorways and special editions, is not just worn across the United States but internationally, resonating with supporters from different walks of life. Join the movement and embrace the essence of '7' with Compound's Signature Fitted Hat.


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