Green Martian '7' Fitted


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Compound's Signature 59FIFTY Fitted Hat 


  • Style: Embroidered White 7 at the front panels, white Compound 7 wordmark at the right-wear side, and a white New Era logo at the left-wear side.
  • Details: Green under-visor
  • Material: 100% wool woven for a premium feel

Shipping Information:

  • Timeline: Quick 5-7 day shipping, with a note on potential delays during the holiday season.
  • Refunds/Exchanges: Important to note that no refunds/exchanges are available on ANY ORDERS.

International Orders:

  • Timeline: International Customers, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery due to customs processing.

Contributing to a Wider Cause:

  • Charitable Impact: 10% of ALL SALES contribute to various churches, charities, and organizations.

Symbolism of '7':

  • Meaning: Dive into the significance of 7, representing spirituality, intuition, exploration, free thinking, and creativity.
  • Origin Story: The iconic 7 hat, a symbol of Compound, gained popularity from the personal meaning Set Free attached to it. Now, it's a global favorite worn by athletes, artists, influencers, and supporters worldwide.

The numerical integration is symbolic of the first and greatest creator of all art: God. The number 7 is more than a number. It represents spirituality, intuition, exploration, free thinking, and creativity.

Set Free began wearing his signature hat in 2015 and throughout the years would gift friends and family, explaining his meaning for the number 7 and why he chose it to represent him and his brand, Compound. Over time, the 7 hat gained popularity and the rest is history! Compound 7 hat, signature color ways and special editions are being worn by supporters from Philly to the Bronx, LA to Boston, all throughout the United States and internationally, overseas across Europe and Asia, Canada, even Australia! The 7 hat continues to be a favorite accessory worn by many known professional athletes, artists, influencers, and more.

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